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About Us

We reside on the lands of Kings and queens and grew up around the royal culture. Our history has so many rich stories that are untold and we aim to bring those mesmerizing stories from our rich culture through our brand DIO REGINA. 

Dio Regina, meaning ‘God’s Queen’, is a symbol of the finest hand-made luxury silver and gemstone jewelry. A luxury brand representing aspirations of empowered young women around the world. Founded in 2016 in Jaipur, a place that carries the legacy and legend of nearly four centuries of royal life.

Our ace designers and artisans make sure all the products are crafted with time-honored intricacy, made with precious, enduring materials, and hand finished.  Our team grew up around the royal culture of Rajasthan, listening to the stories of the kings, the romances of the princesses, and the impeccable pride in the craft by royal artisans. We learned one very important thing growing up in such a rich and respected culture: techniques of making classic jewelry are unbeatable and undying. 

It is our honor and pride to share Dio Regina to the world.